Data Recovery


When you have stored your data in Avrom’s “Data Bank”,
a withdrawal or recovery is easy!

We have the ability to restore everything from a single file that is accidentally deleted to a complete data restoration of all files based on a certain date. If you get hit with a ransomeware virus, there is no problem – we will just restore your uninfected data to it’s original location!

Computer-backup-2Besides our inexpensive file backup option, we have an image backup option that backs up complete images of a server or desktop computer. Choosing this option when setting up your backup plan allows us to restore a complete server or computer even to a different piece of hardware.
An even more robust solution is available for servers that allows us to bring up the backup as a virtual server — that is, if the server goes down we can spin up the backup as a “virtual” machine instantly to keep your staff working. With this option employees or customers won’t even know the original server went down!

If a disaster ever strikes, having Avrom’s online backup on your side guarantees you business continuity and peace of mind.


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    Ransomware attacks are now common, disrupting business operations and costing thousands of dollars i [more]

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