faqWhat are the Managed IT Services Avrom Systems provides?

  • Security – Avrom Security Services provides a managedfaqs
    firewall, internet security protections, and monitored antivirus/malware
  • Backup and Business Continuity – Avrom Online Backup replaces old tape or external hard disk technology with bulletproof, reported backup of multiple versions, providing business continuity unknown only short years ago.
  • Network Monitoring – Management and monitoring of all computers, servers & devices on the network to ensure all security updates are performed regularly, hardware is working properly and problems are dealt with rapidly – usually without anyone noticing.


faq2Why Should I Consider Avrom Managed IT Services?

  • By providing 24/7 monitoring of your system we can solve many problems before you even know they exist. Your computers will be up to date and running smoothly, you will know that they are protected against cyber threats.

faqWho is a Good Candidate for Managed Services?

  • Any small business or organization which is dependant on computer technology is a candidate for our services. If data loss due to viruses or computer breakdown would create havoc, or staff must have their computers working to get their jobs done, the organization would benefit from our managed services. If you just want it all to work without wasting your time on computer issues, you are just like most of our present clients 🙂

faq2“But I already have a computer guy, now what?”

  • 4950d9cf-153826A Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Avrom can act as an extension of your IT guy. We can take care of automating routine backup, update and monitoring tasks, to free up your guy to focus on helping staff to get work done on the computers that will improve your business.

faqWhat are Benefits of Avrom Systems Managed Service?

  • You can just focus on business activities. The time spent on your business vs. time spent on tech support adds to your bottom line. Your stress will be reduced and your costs will be better controlled with our services, We have the experience and knowledge that comes from supporting many varied networks, which you may not have in-house from supporting just one network.

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