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Managed ServicesAre your patches for your software updated and secure?  In our experience most organizations are not. We understand  how hard it is for people to keep up with important updates. You are busy enough taking care of business. Therefore. although a technician can go in weekly or monthly to update computers, we
have a more efficient approach.

We use Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) technology to automate the management of your servers and workstations. This low cost service keeps your computers running smoothly without onsite service costs. Consequently, after an initial cleanup of each computer and installation of our RMM Agents, we install security and critical updates and monitor your hardware automatically. This is far more efficient and less costly than sending in a technician. We implement solutions to problems before they become critical or affect your productivity. A website dashboard with client’s computer status enables us to have a proactive approach.  You can be confident your computer data and network are secure, constantly monitored, updated and in confidential hands.

Our Managed Service approach includes:


  • “Whitelisted” Patch Management & Monitoring
  • Managed Malware and Antivirus Protection
  • Automatic Critical, Security and Service Patch Management
  • Remote Access License For Client Log-In
  • 24/7 Avrom Network Monitoring

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Our Team Uses The Following Tools To Manage Your Computer Network:

  • Auto Patch Installation, Management & Reporting
    • Approved (Whitelisted) Windows Critical & Security Patches
    • MS Office Security Patches
    • 3rd Party (Acrobat, Flash, etc) Patches
    • Anti-Virus Updates & Patches
  • Avrom Dashboard Monitoring of:bodyguardian
    • Server & Desktop Patch Status
    • 3rd Party Patch Status
    • Anti-Virus Status
    • Server Alerts, Critical Events, etc.
    • Desktop Alerts, Alerts, Critical Events, etc.
    • Total Server / Desktop Agents Prepared for Patch Updates
    • Missing & Installed Windows Patch Status
    • Missing & Installed 3rd Party Patch Status
  • Communicator – Avrom can push mainenance messages to desktop computers
  • Avrom Reports – For Servers or Desktops:
    • System Info
    • Disk Space
    • Installed Software Applications
    • Apps by Product or Vendor

Extra Features Available With Our Avrom-RMM Service:

  • Employee Remote Access to Computers:
    • Access to Specific Computer(s) for Specific Employees
    • Remote Status w/Graphs – SysInfo, Network Traffic, Events Logs, DriveSpace, Tasks. etc.
    • Remote File ManagerWorld
    • Remote File Sharing
    • Chat with Remote Computer
    • Computer Management & Settings
    • Task Scheduler
    • Performance Graphs

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