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WorldAs computer technology and services expanded in the eighties and nineties, Avrom Systems expanded the services we offered. As the internet came into it’s own, it was obvious that our clients had a need for a good website development and hosting option.

It was only a natural progression for us to accommodate them and partner with data centers and programmers to provide robust web services.

domain-registrationA problem clients had was the theft of their domain names. When a domain name is registered with a domain registrar, an email address is recorded. When the domain comes up for renewal that email address is used to notify the owner to renew the registration. If the owner’s email address has changed and they do not receive their notice, the domain is free for others to lease. Many get snatched up by those who aquire domains to resell at a high rate

When using Avrom as the domain registrar, the domain is automatically renewed and our client is billed later, eliminating this problem..

Avrom has been developing and hosting websites for over 15 years. Check out the web services we offer.

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